The Political Student Assembly is a branch of the Undergraduate Student Government and Program Board. We are dedicated to encouraging civic engagement, facilitating political discourse, and promoting political awareness on campus at USC.

We work to support student political organizations, host politically-oriented events, and connect USC students with the political world at their doorstep through all means possible. We do so with a nonpartisan bias, working with groups whose viewpoints stretch across the political spectrum and beyond.

We believe that a healthy democracy requires an active and educated citizenry, and as an organization we strive to give students the opportunity to be better, more involved, more informed citizens. This applies as much to affairs on-campus as to those beyond our gates.

Ultimately, we realize that politics, that inescapable facet of humankind's social existence, has a tendency to get ugly as it gets more interesting. Therefore, alongside our dedication to nonpartisan debate, PSA also stresses its commitment to civil discourse and tolerance of all views and opinions.

We invite anybody with a passion for politics to get involved in any way they see fit, and we offer our support and services. If you want to make a difference on campus or in the world, then PSA will stand by and help so much as is possible.